How to set the periodic maintenance time for lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-21
Tag: How to set the periodic maintenance time for lead-acid batteries? It can be divided into three aspects: 1. Monthly maintenance. Complete the following checks every month: 1. Keep the lead-acid battery room clean and hygienic; 2. Measure and record the ambient temperature in the battery room; 3. Check the cleanliness and terminals of the lead-acid batteries one by one Traces of damage and heating, traces of damage or overheating of the casing and cover; 4. Measure and record the total voltage and floating charge current of the battery system; 2. Quarterly maintenance 1. Repeat various monthly inspections; 2. Measure and record the online lead For the float charge voltage of acid battery, if the voltage of two or more batteries is lower than 2.18V after temperature correction, please contact the manufacturer. Annual maintenance 1. Repeat all maintenance and inspections quarterly; 2. Check whether the connection part is loose every year; 3. Conduct a check discharge test on the lead-acid battery pack with actual load every year, and discharge 30%-40% of the rated capacity; 3. The three-year maintenance will carry out a capacity test every three years, and once a year after six years of use. If the actual discharge capacity of the lead-acid battery is less than 80% of the rated capacity, the battery pack is deemed to have expired.
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