How to replace the battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-23
1. Disassemble the battery   First remove the battery together with the battery box, place it on the workbench, and remove the locking screws. Carefully open the battery box, use a 50W electric soldering iron to iron the battery wires from the battery terminals, and immediately wrap the battery terminals with insulating tape to prevent short-circuit accidents; when welding the wires between the batteries, you can solder them down One head, hold the connector, and then weld the other connector, and immediately put the connection to the specified place after welding to prevent the connection from short-circuiting the battery.  Some batteries use adhesives to stick the battery and the battery box firmly during installation (usually using self-adhesive), and you need to pull the battery hard to remove it (but not too much force). If the operation is difficult, you can slightly heat the battery, or dissolve the adhesive with a solvent such as alcohol, and then take the battery out. Finally, the remaining gaskets or adhesives should be removed, ready to install a new battery.  2, check    Check the quality of all connections, and check whether the fuse holder, charging socket, and battery lead wire are in contact with each other normally and reliably, and tighten all connections. Those that need to be replaced should be replaced, and their reliability should be focused on, and those that are unreliable should be replaced (including battery boxes, etc.).  3. Installation   Install according to the instructions in the new battery packing box.  4. Trial    can be put into normal operation only after several times of charging and discharging use and evaluation is normal.
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