How to protect UPS power from lightning

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-23
Tags: How to prevent lightning strikes with UPS power supply With the improvement of the intelligence of UPS power supply, UPS power supply is often not only a complete product that can continue to supply power to the load after the power grid fails, but a local highly reliable, complete performance, The highly intelligent power supply center plays an important role in ensuring the data security and smooth flow of the information network. The lightning protection of the UPS power system is a highly professional work, and it is best to be carried out under the guidance of professionals. Pay attention to systematic considerations. UPS power supplies are now widely used in: industry, communications, national defense, hospitals, radio and television, and computer business terminals. The lightning protection of UPS power system and communication ports should be based on relevant national regulations, and according to the specific conditions of the application environment, work out practical solutions according to local conditions, and establish an effective, scientific and economical lightning protection system. According to the characteristics of the UPS system, its lightning protection should focus on the following points: 1. It is necessary to improve the external lightning protection facilities and do a good job in the grounding of the computer room. According to the 'Electronic Computer Room Design SpecificationThe grounding should share a group of grounding devices, and the grounding resistance shall be determined according to the minimum requirements. If the grounding must be set separately, an equipotential grounding coupling must be installed between the two grounds. UPS protects large data systems and is more sensitive to lightning counterattacks. Even a small potential counterattack often causes unnecessary losses. 2. Choose lightning arresters. The market for this kind of products is relatively abundant. Try to choose a reputable and reliable lightning arrester. The grounding wire of the arrester should be no less than 6mm2, connected with the straightest and shortest lead. It is best to use Kay in the wiring method. The text wiring method minimizes the induced voltage on the lead. The lightning protection box for UPS power supply and the UPS power supply must be grounded, the lightning protection device and the UPS power supply must be equipotentially connected, and the UPS output line must have a ground wire. The grounding system is best to use high-quality grounding modules, which can ensure the reliability and corrosion resistance of the grounding resistance, and avoid the need to modify the grounding network every 1-2 years, which saves the user.
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