How to eliminate sulfation in batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

   Due to the serious loss of water and sulfate in the lead-acid battery, the damage to the positive plate is absolutely greater. This method is fast and effective, but has a great impact on the service life of lead-acid batteries. The other is to use a small current with a frequency above 8kHz and a large crystal resonance to prevent dissolution. The repair speed of this method is slower than that of the model, but the repair effect is better than the proposed repair method, and the repair time often exceeds 120 hours. Public equipment can be used to prevent the treatment of sulfate in lead-acid batteries. Therefore, lead-acid batteries should be properly maintained before the positive electrode is damaged. At this time, a more appropriate method is to use constant current and unlimited voltage as a single backward Lead-acid batteries are charged, while other absolutely normal lead-acid batteries can be charged with constant voltage limit current or constant current unlimited voltage.

   Lead-acid batteries should stop regular maintenance, eliminate sulfates in time, replenish water in time, stop the regular maintenance of a single lead-acid battery in operation, and don’t wait for lead-acid batteries to be lost due to the loss of water and sulfate. Damage the positive electrode.

   There are two ways to eliminate sulfate: One is to use high-voltage and high-current pulse charging, and eliminate sulfate through negative pressure breakdown. Current lead-acid batteries with a capacity of less than 60%, after the sulfate treatment is stopped, the capacity of about 2×3 lead-acid batteries can reach over 80%.

   In a few cases, it is assumed that the lead-acid battery packs (3 or 4) of electric bicycle users have poor contents in 10 months, and usually only one battery is required. Falling behind will affect the discharge form of the entire lead-acid battery. Contact: 18038382979


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