How to detect the backward single cell in the battery pack

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-19

  In order to reduce the occurrence of such accidents, the telecommunications department has taken many countermeasures, but the results are not very good. There are usually several reasons for the accidents of dropping telecommunication base stations. The unbalance of the capacity of a single cell in the battery pack is the main cause of the unbalance of the capacity of a single section of the battery pack due to station drop accidents. The backward battery detection technology and realization conditions of the battery pack are introduced. The use of effective detection technology can greatly reduce the occurrence of accidents and improve the operating quality of the equipment.

  Base station storage battery capacity allocation relationship

   When the secondary battery pack fails to supply power normally, it is usually caused by a single part of the battery pack . According to the current standard of 80% battery capacity, only 40% of battery power supply capacity is used for communication. After AC power supply, when the battery capacity is 80%, the terminal voltage of the battery pack drops to the rated voltage quickly, and the effective power supply voltage is only the rated voltage. It can be seen from the figure that the effective supply voltage is only the rated voltage of a battery. If there is an invalid single battery in the battery pack, it will quickly cause \stop falling'. During a few years of actual capacity recovery, the communications department usually only fails one or two batteries in a set of batteries. If the backward single segment cannot be detected in time, in order to ensure the reliability of the communication power supply, the entire battery must be replaced, which not only increases the maintenance workload of the battery, but also leads to a large number of battery life. Many units are now in this state.


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