How to choose a good set of batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-07

Do you know how to maintain the battery regularly?

   After charging the battery, the battery must be removed from the machine. Carry out regular maintenance, clean and dry. If there is dust on the plates, it will short-circuit between the plates and the battery will discharge by itself. The dirt and oxides on the surface of the electrode plate should be removed. Dirty water should also be prevented from flowing into the battery. When the vent hole of the liquid cap is blocked, the gas generated by inflation cannot escape.

   In severe cases, the battery will also automatically. Ventilation holes need to be kept unobstructed, and the height of the electrolyte. When the battery is used, the electrolyte surface will drop due to the evaporation of electrolyte water and the overflow of the solution. At this time, the electrode plate is easy to be in the air, and the capacitance of the guide plate is reduced and vulcanized. The height of the electrolyte surface should be checked regularly.

  The electrolyte is not pure, if you use industrial sulfuric acid instead of chemical sulfuric acid. Using tap water or river water instead of distilled water to add to the battery will self-discharge and reduce the service life of the battery. The specific gravity of the electrolyte will be thicker or thinner when the battery is charged and discharged. When checking the specific gravity of the electrolyte, we can know the extent to which the battery stores electricity.

How to choose a good set of batteries?

The data acquisition group can determine the data acquisition requirements and configure the corresponding acquisition instrument according to the user’s needs. Generally, it consists of battery voltage acquisition module, current, temperature, power It has good isolation and strong insulation between modules. High reliability and safety, data collection can be grouped, each module can collect voltage of a certain number of batteries, and can be equipped with current and temperature sensors. The module and the system host generally use RS-485 connection. The protocol processor has an interface board with a protocol processing program, which handles various communication protocols, and can realize ① the battery voltage, current, temperature and other information sent by the host computer are encoded, packaged, and sent to the remote according to the agreed protocol; ② the remote control, The remote control command is sent to the host computer. Real-time control, the discharge module can quickly output the battery's DC internal resistance and instantaneous battery performance.

  The battery occupies a very important position in the DC working power supply equipment, and it is also the main part of the price of the DC working power supply equipment. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good set of batteries. Choosing a good set of batteries can reduce the maintenance workload. And can work life. Now, with the development of science and technology, lead-acid maintenance-free batteries have been widely used.

   The advantage of this battery is that the maintenance workload is small, and the battery life is almost no problem, but the price of this battery is relatively high. The following are some important indicators of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, battery selection? Power supply capacity; when choosing a battery, it should be based on the capacity required by the device, from small capacity, small capacity 20Ah to large capacity 180Ah, when choosing batteries of the same capacity, its size should be small.

  Self-discharge rate; the lower the self-discharge rate of the battery, the better, the internal resistance of the battery should be uniform; the internal resistance of the battery is necessary for the charging and discharging of the battery and maintaining the voltage of the battery Balance is essential. Keep between to Ω. The battery internal resistance meter can be used to determine whether the battery internal resistance is uniform.

  The battery resistance meter is a digital storage type multifunctional portable meter, which can quickly and accurately measure the working status of the battery. The battery internal resistance meter monitors the voltage and internal resistance of a single battery online. The battery resistance tester can store and process data to warn of battery failures.

The damage of the battery pack is actually only one battery (a very small number of 2) is damaged, which also proves that the above analysis is correct. Similar to this. The large discharge capacity (available capacity) of the series battery pack is determined by the capacity of a battery with poor performance in the battery pack. If the power of one battery is exhausted, the voltage will drop drastically. The electric car will stop running. At this time, the remaining power in the good battery in the battery pack cannot be used, and the driving distance of the electric vehicle is shortened. This is determined by the nature of the series circuit, regardless of how the battery pack is precisely matched at the factory. In use, the imbalance between the batteries is yes, it will definitely happen, due to the imbalance caused by the overcharge and overdischarge of the poor battery, the vicious circle, accelerated damage, so that the available capacity of the entire battery pack is greatly reduced. The main reason for battery pack life.

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