How to calculate the battery charging current

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-20

  How to calculate battery charging current

  Normal charging currentu003dbattery capacity/10

   For example, there is a GNB with a capacity of 1500mAh For batteries, the normal charging current is 1500/10u003d150mA, and the normal full charging time is 12 to 14 hours.

   The discharge current of the battery is different, and the capacity that can be released is not the opposite. The greater the discharge current, the smaller the amount of electricity that can be released. For example, the current commonly used on electric bicycles is greater than 5A, and the use of a nominal 10 ampere battery discharges in 2 hours. If you use the rate of discharge for 10 hours, you can reach 12AH. In this way, if the battery is in accordance with the 2-hour standard, if it is in accordance with the 10-hour discharge rate, it is 12AH.

   Therefore, the capacity of a battery depends not only on the capacity of the battery, but also on the discharge rate of the battery. The battery of an electric bicycle is often labeled as 10Ah (2Hr), and the same battery can also be labeled as 12Ah (10Hr) and 14Ah (20Hr). Another example. A 14Ah (2Hr) battery can also be marked as 17Ah (10Hr). There are also some batteries whose capacity is marked as a 20-hour rate. The nominal value of the battery capacity is larger, but the battery capacity does not change clearly. Contact: 18038832979


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