How to add water to a lead-acid battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-12

How to add water to a lead-acid battery

Turning on a lead-acid battery is to open a safety valve on the lead-acid battery, and you can directly see the inside of the lead-acid battery. The safety valve of the lead-acid battery is under the valve cover of the lead-acid battery, and the valve cover is generally welded on the large cover of the lead-acid battery with adhesive or ultrasonic. The water supply and moisturizing of lead-acid batteries should be carried out in accordance with the following operating procedures.

(1) Preparation. Packed with pure water and pure lithium battery electrolyte, the ratio is: 500ml, pure water, add, pure. Prepare standard vulcanized rubber valves in advance. Special tools: cone, plastic straw (can be replaced by disposable syringe), completely transparent HDPE tube, directly matched plastic straw, ABS rubber.

(2) Hit the rear cover on the top of the lead-acid battery along the vent hole. The back cover of some lead-acid batteries is ABS adhesive, and some lead-acid batteries are connected by buttons. If you break the back cover, do not damage the back cover. Now you can see six vulcanized rubber cap valves.

(3) Open the vulcanized rubber cover to expose the ventilation holes, and the inside of the lead-acid battery can be seen from the ventilation holes. Some lead-acid batteries have valves that can be unscrewed, and some lead-acid batteries have some packing around the vulcanized rubber cover.

(4) The battery electrolyte is absorbed by the burette, and the battery electrolyte is introduced through the ventilation holes. The battery electrolyte should cover the 2 mm electrode.

(5) Lead-acid batteries used for fumigating battery electrolyte are covered with permeable shields to prevent dust from flowing out of the air holes. After 24 hours of static discharge, it is necessary to check whether the liquid battery electrolyte (MALT acid) is in the vent.

The water flow of the six single grids of lead-acid batteries is not large when normal. In fact, the amount of water supplemented by each lead-acid battery depends on the lack of water in the lead-acid battery. Finally, all repairs should ensure that the lithium battery electrolyte is mobile in each cell.

Using a 0cm long 0cm fully transparent high-pressure polyethylene waterproof casing to charge a fault-tolerant i2v constant current source lead-acid battery. When charging the battery, the lead-acid battery is placed in an acid-resistant container to avoid environmental pollution and corrosion of the lithium battery electrolyte. After charging, the lead-acid battery is fully charged for the first time until the green light starts to flash for 3 hours.

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