How much charging current will not damage the battery?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-19

  Theoretically, the smaller the charging current, the better. Due to the small current, the finer the crystals produced by the reaction and the more abundant the reaction, the more electricity can be stored. In addition, when the current is small, the battery generates less heat, and the electrode plate is less likely to be deformed, which will not cause useful substances on the electrode plate to fall.

   How much charging current will not damage the battery? For a 10-hour charging rate, a 100A battery will be charged with 10A current for 10 hours. If the conditions are satisfied, the charging time is slightly greater than the battery capacity/charging current, and the charging current can be reduced to less than 10A. The energy storage inverter is generally charged by the three-stage charging method, which is the initial charge. High current (10 hours charging rate).

   As the battery voltage rises, the charging current is automatically reduced until the voltage reaches the stop voltage, the charging is actively suspended; three-stage charging method: the first stage of fast charging, constant In the current charging stage, the battery is quickly charged with the maximum output current of the charger. If it is a solar controller, it is operated at the MPPT maximum power point. The charging time depends on the battery capacity and the battery condition at the beginning of the charging.

   The second stage of equalization, constant voltage charging stage, the charger charging voltage remains stable, the charged power continues to increase, the battery voltage rises slowly, and the charging current drops; the third stage In the form of floating charge, the battery is completely overcharged, the charging current drops below the floating charge conversion current, and the charging voltage drops to the floating charge voltage.


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