How long is the life of a car battery in general? Why is someone else's durable?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-11


Nowadays, cars have entered thousands of households, becoming a kind of transportation work and a necessity of life. Many years ago, cars belonged to luxury goods. At that time, only the rich could afford them. At that time, cars were like the business cards of the rich and a symbol of status. The price of the current car is not high, and all the procedures can be completed as long as 100,000 yuan, which is acceptable to most families. A car is composed of many parts, the most important of which is the engine, which is the heart of the car.

So, how does the car's engine work? Some people will say, of course, it is gasoline, because ordinary fuel vehicles have to be refueled. In fact, this is a mistake. The car's engine is driven by the starter, and the starter is started by the battery in the car. Unexpectedly? In fact, in a fuel car, there is also a battery. Since there is a battery in the car, how long is the battery life? Why some car batteries are durable, but some car batteries are not durable?

How long is the life of a car battery

First of all, the point to be explained is that the car has a battery. It is about brand and value. Under normal circumstances, most cars use lead-acid batteries or maintenance-free batteries. Of course, there are some higher grades, using AMG batteries. Lead-acid batteries are mainly composed of lead and lead oxides. The price is not very high. The battery is also very stable. A lead-acid battery can be repeatedly charged and discharged up to 300-500 times. There is absolutely no problem with 2 to 4 years of use. .

Lead-acid batteries are the choice of many economical cars, and maintenance-free batteries are much more expensive than lead-acid batteries. The maintenance-free battery is expensive, but it is very convenient, and it can withstand high temperatures and save electricity for a long time. Maintenance-free batteries still have their own advantages, but in terms of service life, maintenance-free batteries are not much longer than lead-acid batteries, and the service life of both batteries is 2 to 4 years. Maintenance-free batteries are generally used in mid-to-high-end cars.

With the continuous changes of modern technology, the functions of automobiles are becoming more and more. Surely everyone has heard of engine start-stop technology, right? In order to enable this technology to be implemented in cars, car manufacturers invented a battery with the strongest cyclic charging capability-AMG battery. The price of AMG battery is very high, and its low-temperature start effect and stability of charge and discharge are absolutely invincible. Its life span can reach 4 to 6 years. It will be equipped with cars that use engine start-stop technology.

Why are the batteries both durable and not durable

Let’s answer your second question below , Why some car batteries are very durable, and some car batteries are not durable. Batteries are a kind of consumable and must have a service life. Generally speaking, the service life of a normal battery is 2-4 years. If it is used well, it may be a little longer. The length of use of the battery is similar to ours. Daily usage habits are closely related. Some people especially like to use the car's equipment after the car is turned off. This often shortens the battery life.

Some European cars attach great importance to the driving experience, which will cause certain damage to the battery. For example, some people always forget to close the sunroof. After locking the car and leaving, if it rains, the car will automatically recognize and close your sunroof. This is actually a very good function, but when your car is not starting, all these experiences rely on the car’s battery, so this is also a relatively large loss of the battery. We found that the batteries of European cars need to be replaced frequently. This is actually the reason.

There is also a situation where someone buys a car and puts it in a warehouse, and doesn’t drive it often. In fact, this will also damage the battery of the car. If the battery is not used for a long time, the life will be greatly increased. This is a point that everyone should pay attention to. In addition, there are differences in batteries between various brands. Some Japanese cars do very well in this regard. Many Japanese cars not only consume less fuel, but also have better battery durability than many German cars. In terms of technology, many technologies in Japan are still ahead of Germany.

Scenes where car batteries are not durable

Have you seen these scenes? But it is these scenes that make our batteries not durable. If you want to protect your car battery, you must take a look at the following content. I have summarized 8 points, let's look at them one by one. Point 1: When the car is stopped, turning on the lights and listening to songs in the car will increase the load on the car battery. Point 2: If the car is not used for a long time, the battery in the car will be over-discharged. If you do not drive for a long time, you can unplug the battery.

Point 3: If necessary, check the car wiring posts frequently. If the wiring posts are loose, it will cause poor contact of the car, and poor contact for a long time. Cause greater damage to the car battery. Point 4: Exposing a car to a high-temperature environment for a long time will cause the battery to be easily damaged, especially a car equipped with a lead-acid battery.

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