How long does the lead-acid battery 1240 (12V40Ah) battery supply power for the DC screen?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-19

  The main power supply of the DC screen is lead-acid batteries, so how are the DC screens and batteries configured?


   The passive power factor correction circuit of the battery uses inductors and capacitors. The device forms a filter to phase shift and reshape the input current wave. This method can increase the power factor to above 0.9. The advantage is that the circuit is simple and the cost is low; the disadvantage is that the circuit is large in size and may operate at certain frequencies. The point produces resonance and damages the electrical equipment. Passive power factor correction circuits are mainly used in low-power applications.


  The battery active power factor correction circuit is to add a DC/DC switching converter between the rectifier and the filter capacitor. The input voltage is selected as a reference signal to make the input current track the reference signal, which realizes that the low-frequency component of the input current and the input voltage have a waveform that is approximately the same frequency and phase, which improves the power factor and suppresses harmonics. At the same time, voltage feedback is used to make the output The voltage is an approximately smooth DC output voltage. An electric battery TL1240 (12V40Ah) provides power for the DC panel for 2 more hours.


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