How can lead-acid batteries become 'green energy'?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-28
Advocate the use of new technologies  Because the main raw material of lead batteries is lead, it is easy to give people the impression that it is not environmentally friendly. Can lead-acid batteries become 'green energy'? People are always looking for answers. As early as December 15, 2010, at the 'Twelfth Five-Year' Lead Battery Industry Development Seminar hosted by China Battery Industry Association, famous experts such as Academician Chen Liquan and Academician Chen Hongyuan believed that lead-acid batteries are especially power lead-acid batteries. As a kind of green energy, through strengthening scientific management and vigorously improving the technical content, the future development prospects are very broad. 'With the development and utilization of solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy, etc. and the development of the electric vehicle industry, lead-acid batteries, as a'green' industry that does not consume the earth's resources, have broad room for development.' Deputy Director of China Battery Industry Association Long Wang Jingzhong once said so. Although the 'Access Conditions' this time imposes certain restrictions on the production scale of new construction, renovation and expansion, existing and pure plate production enterprises, it encourages the development and application of new technologies for lead storage batteries, and for those who adopt new technologies. The enterprise is 'quite forgiving.' The 'Access Conditions' clearly stipulates: 'New lead storage batteries such as wound, bipolar, lead-carbon batteries (super batteries), or expanded grids (drawing, punching, continuous casting and rolling, etc.) Process production projects are not limited by production capacity.”    China Battery Industry Association Chairman Han Zuoliang said that lead batteries will focus on the development of valve-controlled sealed, gel, wound, bipolar, super batteries, lead-carbon batteries and other new types of batteries. Promoting the Ru0026D and industrialization of lead-reduction technologies for lead-acid batteries, researching and improving the power characteristics of lead-acid batteries, and reducing lead consumption are of great significance for reducing lead-acid battery costs, energy conservation, emission reduction, and resource conservation.  Achieving Cleaner Production  Under the new situation of the national low-carbon and environmental protection concept, leading companies in the battery industry have also accelerated their transformation and upgrading to low-carbon and energy-saving.   The reporter learned during the interview that in Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, where battery production accounts for more than half of the domestic market, Chaowei Power has invested in a new green energy technology business park. Different from previous new projects, the starting point for the planning of the new Chaowei base is to give priority to environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. In the first phase of the project that has been completed and put into production, due to the adoption of the most advanced domestic environmental protection and production equipment, and the comprehensive promotion of advanced production techniques such as internal chemical conversion, new charging, and wastewater recycling, the entire plant area is clean and tidy, with fresh air, and has become Changxing Environmental A benchmark for type enterprises. The 'Access Conditions' issued this time require that newly-built, renovated and expanded enterprises should be far away from various environmentally sensitive areas, and lead-acid battery manufacturers should adopt automated, mechanized, and enclosed production equipment, and be equipped with corresponding processing capabilities according to the scale of production. Energy-saving facilities and pollution control facilities reduce the exposure of employees to lead pollution and reduce the discharge of various pollutants.   If you don’t enter the company, it’s hard to see the current production of lead-acid battery companies: most workshops use automatic equipment for closed production, and employees wearing gas masks shuttle back and forth between the workshops from time to time. According to Dai Jingming, deputy general manager of Camel Battery, Camel replaces its employees with new work clothes every day to avoid bringing the lead dust generated during the production process into the society.   'Accelerating the technological transformation of lead-acid battery enterprises and realizing cleaner production must be taken.' Han Zuoliang said.  The local government must work hard   Regarding the implementation of the 'Access ConditionsThe output of lead-acid batteries in Changxing County accounts for more than half of the country. The Changxing County government has classified and upgraded 61 lead-acid battery enterprises in the county. A considerable number of small enterprises with high pollution and high energy consumption have been shut down and transferred. During the interview, the relevant leaders of Changxing County told reporters: “At that time, a county-level leader led two department leaders to form a special rectification service team, contacted two battery companies, and carried out a special “one-to-one” service; other relevant departments designated special personnel Contact various battery companies, insist on daily office work, grasp the development trends of the company as soon as possible, and solve technical problems as soon as possible.”    According to the relevant department of Changxing County, after rectification, the Changxing battery industry is adopting “Tianneng” and “Super Power” 'As the leader, speed up the second transformation and upgrading. In the Changxing New Energy Industry Concentration Zone composed of the Chengnan Industrial Function Zone and the Xiaopu Langshan Industrial Platform, the Tianneng Cycle Industrial Park with a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan is accelerating its construction. After it is put into operation, it will form an annual output of 6 million kVAh power reserve. The production capacity of energy batteries and the annual recycling and processing of 150,000 tons of waste lead-acid batteries.   Those polluting companies that were reduced by Changxing County were attracted to Henan, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Fujian and other places to settle in Henan, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Fujian and other places due to various attractive investment conditions such as preferential taxation and land policies.  
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