Fuel cell - or will invest to the UPS power supply applications-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-16
People have been constantly on the study of energy storage power, to create more energy reserve system, inject more power for power applications support. Fuel battery is currently the focus in many businesses, fuel battery is to use waste heat power generation, primary or backup power supply, is a kind of continue to heat up the alternative power, chemical power supply electrical energy converted, it USES a kind of antioxidant, put the fuel into electricity. Fuel battery in the trade and industry as housing, can be used in the data center, however, did not the application space. The current fuel cell manufacturer ClearEdge Power is planning to make up the flaw, they hope among data can also be used on the basis of gasoline fuel cell as the initial Power system, and the Power grid as a case of emergency. Market vice President Mike Upp thought this would be a & other; Throughout the evolution of the traditional backup system type &; 。 Because & other; But we do the initial ups power supply, the grid is backup! ” Upp think data center operators if buy the fuel cell, will find that love and power is relatively cheap, and more than other alternative power, wind and solar power is not the same. Upp said, ClearEdge purpose in the middle of the selected area as to carry out the data, everything, South Korea and Australia, California and New York. The region is characterized by high power rate, authorities encouraged or required to purchase alternative power system. In California, power rate per KWH from 17% to 23% per KWH. Upp said: & other; If use the product of the ClearEdge 9% per KWH, gap is very clear. ” This means that it may cost less than the grid. But he also supplement way, about the energy application is moderate and there is no government interference in the local UPS power market, power grid can't rely on, so demand for fuel cell, unless there green force requirements, fuel cells have more peace. Through constant research and advance of fuel battery used in UPS power will no longer be a dream, fuel battery will provide reliable power supply for the data center. ( This article from the electronic engineering world: http://www. eeworld。 com. cn/dygl/2012/0824/article_13713。 html)
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