Four big mistake - battery-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-12
Battery is one of the important electrical equipment, car performance is good or bad will directly affect the normal work of the vehicle. But some of the vehicle driving and maintenance staff to maintain the use of the storage battery don't understand or not value, resulting in early damage to the battery, or even damage to other electrical equipment. 1. Myth 1 battery use. 1 diesel damage of single cell battery still continue to use. Dredge vent 1 2 neglected. 3 battery series mixture of 1. 4 the battery charge capacity and engine don't match 1. 5 parallel mix 2 battery. Power master switch use erroneous zone 2. 1 main switch in a battery of fire power supply 2. Blind to DianPenChe add power master switch 2. 3 blind master switch 3 by cutting off the electricity. The electrolyte density, liquid level height check error 3. 1 the electrolyte level & other; High rather than low & throughout; 3. 2 ignore electrolyte level check 3. 3 the electrolyte density & other; Peaceful big not small & throughout; 3. 4 add distilled water 3. 5 add 4 electrolyte. Battery charging myth. 1 a battery charging 4. 2 battery charged without added 4. 3 at the beginning of new battery is not charging 4. 4 charging when filling the polarity
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