Factors affecting the internal resistance of UPS batteries and measurement methods

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-20
Label: There are many influences on UPS batteries. In addition to the physical connection resistance, the ionic conductivity of the electrolyte, and the electrochemical process that occurs on the surface of the plate, a multi-cell UPS battery, such as a battery, has 6 cells inside, each cell The voltage is 2 volts, and the connection between the grids will also affect the internal resistance of the battery. How to measure its resistance? Generally there are the following three methods: 1. Conductivity can be tested by applying a voltage of known frequency and amplitude to a certain battery to test the change value of the current flowing through the battery. Conductivity is the AC component and voltage in the same phase. Ratio of amplitudes. 2. Impedance measurement can be done by applying a current signal of known frequency and amplitude to the battery, and then measuring the AC voltage drop generated on a single cell or a whole group of batteries. The AC voltage is measured by the positive and negative terminals of a single battery or the smallest cell. Then use Ohm's law to calculate the resulting impedance. The calculation is done automatically by the meter. 3. Resistance measurement is to apply a load to the UPS battery, and then measure the voltage and current flowing through the various stages of the battery. Divide the rate of change of voltage by the rate of change of current to get an ohm.
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