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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-23
How to prolong the service life of the battery, for low eight groups of workers, reduce household spending, improve the quality of life significance. Sum up, there are two aspects: one is the proper use and maintenance. 2 it is timely added liquid, so can greatly prolong the service life of battery. A proper use and maintenance, 1. Slow speed. Try to keep the most moderate speed moderate speed save electricity, minimal impact on the battery. The author did the experiment, a new battery to no more than 15 km/h speed, can travel around 60 km, if with 25 kilometers, the hour, only 45 kilometers. 2. The road don't suddenly greatly accelerated drastically accelerate exiled means the battery high voltage electricity, not only damage the plate of the battery, the battery capacity falling fast, shorten the life, but also is easy to burn down the key switch ( Commonly known as wire tail) The switch contacts. 3. Charging characteristics of the lead-acid battery should be charged in time deposit, don't wait to release the finished filled again, it will speed up the battery plate vulcanizing, reduce the capacity of the battery quickly, shorten service life. 4. Replenish liquid storage battery is to rely on a certain concentration of sulphuric acid solution and lead chemical reaction to produce electricity, once the fluid is insufficient, battery will soon heat damage in use, therefore, timely supplement fluid is very important. Second, the choose and buy of battery 1. The choose and buy pure lead-acid battery. Should choose reputable products according to the experience on use for many years, pure lead-acid battery technology mature, quality assured. The so-called new high-tech materials on the market & other; Silicone gel & throughout; Battery, because the technology is not mature, quality is not stable, for soon appeared the problem of insufficient capacity. 2. Cover of choose and buy, a positioning groove structure to spare batteries for many times to supply the battery with liquid, can take out, the structure of the locating slot cover battery, can be very convenient to open the add liquid, add the reduction on the liquid with cover. Some of the battery cover is made of adhesive joint, only use tools to pry open when charging, very easy to pry, unable to recover, had better not use.
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