Expert: Thin-film solar cells may be better for solar cars

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-24
On May 28th, SNEC's 12th (2018) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy Forum held the first Global Mobile Energy Conference in Shanghai. Professor Martin GREEN, Director of the UNSW Ultra-Efficient Optoelectronics Ru0026D Center of the University of New Wales, Australia, gave a presentation on 'Thin Film Solar Cell On electric and hybrid vehicles'. Martin GREEN pointed out that 38% of global carbon dioxide emissions are caused by electricity production. In order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce coal power generation and thermal power generation, converting solar energy into electrical energy is the best solution. Martin GREEN believes that electric vehicles are the solution for future travel. Including Hanergy, there are also some other European companies that are studying the use of solar panels or solar cells as the exterior of cars, so that the car will continue to convert photoelectricity during the driving process to maintain power. At the same time, it greatly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Martin GREEN pointed out that this kind of car can indeed solve the needs of environmentally friendly travel, but the large number of applications of solar cells make the appearance of the car not beautiful, and because the car shape must have aerodynamic design and requirements, there are always some places that will be affected. Blocked by their own shadows, the efficiency of arranging solar panels in these shadowed areas will be affected. The thin film technology has some unique advantages in mobile energy. It can improve efficiency on the basis of the original battery technology, and the effect may be better when applied to solar vehicles.
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