Expert: thin film solar cell application effect may be better - on the solar car-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-31
On May 28, SNEC 12th ( 2018). International solar photovoltaic energy and wisdom BBS held the first global mobile energy conference in Shanghai, the new university of wales in Australia indian-born UNSW super-efficient photovoltaic research center director professor Martin GREEN made & other; Thin film solar cells used in electric and hybrid cars & throughout; The theme of the speech. Martin GREEN, points out that 38% of global carbon dioxide emissions are caused by electricity production. In order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, coal, thermal power, the solar energy into electrical energy is the best solution. Martin GREEN believes that electric vehicles will be the future travel solutions. Han can be included, there are some other European companies in the research for solar panels or solar cells used for automotive exteriors, such cars are driven in the process of continued for photoelectric conversion, can keep the power at the same time, greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Martin GREEN, points out that the car can really solve the need of GREEN travel, but the application of solar cells, making the shape of the car is not very good, and because the car have the aerodynamic shape of the design and requirements, there are always some place will be blocked by your own shadow, in the shadow part of the configuration efficiency of solar panels will be affected. And membrane technology in the mobile energy has some unique advantages, it can be on the basis of the original battery technology improve efficiency, better application effect on the solar car would be better.
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