Equalizing charging principle of valve-regulated sealed and maintenance-free lead-acid batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-17
Tags: Valve-regulated sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries (hereinafter referred to as lead-acid batteries) are widely used in practical applications due to their investment saving, easy installation, safe and reliable, and convenient use. However, due to the lack of understanding of its use requirements and the use of the old equalizing charging system, it caused greater harm to the battery. 1. Reasons for canceling equalizing charging (1) What is equalizing charging. The so-called equalizing charging is the charging of equalizing battery characteristics. It refers to the unbalanced battery terminal voltage due to the individual difference of the battery, temperature difference and other reasons during the battery use. To avoid the deterioration of the unbalanced trend in this process, it is necessary to increase the charging voltage of the battery pack and activate and charge the battery. (2) Reasons for not needing equalizing charging The equalizing charging voltage is a higher floating voltage for most batteries, and most normal batteries are in an overcharged state at this time. This will cause certain damage to the lead-acid battery. 2. How to ensure the consistency of the battery terminal voltage after canceling the equalization charge (1) There are several determinants of the battery terminal voltage, one is the concentration of the electrolyte and the plate material. The second is whether the safety valve is open. The third is the connection state between the batteries in series (2) The guarantee method of the battery terminal voltage Since lead-acid batteries will have inconsistent terminal voltages, and the batteries are not allowed to be charged in equilibrium, how to confirm that the battery terminal voltages of lead-acid batteries are consistent Sex. First, there is no control in terms of raw materials. Good quality lead-acid batteries should be purchased. Second, the quality of the lead-acid battery installation should be ensured to ensure the consistency of the lead-acid battery installation state.
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