EPS (storage battery) must understand its specific principles before repairing

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-13

   Compared with diesel engines, EPS power supply has the advantages of non-polluting, fast switching speed, and low maintenance cost. It is becoming more and more popular among fire-fighting power users, and EPS power supply has also been more and more widely used.

   EPS emergency power supply adopts single inverter technology, which integrates charger, storage battery, inverter and controller. Inside the system, the battery detection, capacity detection loop, and power loss rapid detection functions are designed. The figure shows the working principle of the other main components. Take a certain type of intelligent emergency power supply as an example, it adopts the standby operation mode.

   The main results are as follows: (1) When the market power is normal, the market power is transferred to the important The load is powered, and the market power detection and battery charging management are carried out at the same time, and then the battery pack supplies power to the inverter. Here, the charger is a low-power DC power supply, which only needs to provide a charging current equivalent to 10% of the battery pack capacity (Ah) to the battery pack, and does not have the ability to directly supply power to the inverter. At this time, the power supply system composed of EPS AC bypass switches and switches provides power for users of various emergency loads. At the same time, under the control of the EPS logic control board, the inverter stops working in the automatic shutdown state. In this case, the load power actually used by the user comes from the grid. Therefore, the EPS emergency power supply is usually said to be in a sleep state, which can effectively achieve energy-saving effects.

  (2) When the market power supply is interrupted or the market voltage exceeds the limit (±15% or ±20% of the rated input voltage), the mutual switching device will immediately switch to the battery The inverter power supply supported by the DC energy provided by the group, the power used by the user load is an AC power supply converted from an EPS inverter, rather than a market power supply.

  (3) When the market voltage returns to normal operation, the EPS control center sends a signal to automatically shut off the inverter, and at the same time, it also switches from the reverse direction through its switch. The converter power supply switches to the AC bypass power supply. After that, the EPS also charges the battery pack through the charger, and at the same time provides market power to the load through the AC bypass power channel.

  (4) In addition to the emergency lighting system, the BK-YJS series three-phase intelligent variable frequency emergency power supply is mainly used to provide a variable frequency emergency power supply system for the motor in the main load. This product It is convenient to solve the influence of the emergency power supply of the motor and the influence of the starting process on the power supply equipment. BK-YJS, BK-YJS series of intelligent emergency power supplies can accept fire linkage signals, building intelligent bus signal control, and can set the priority to prevent excessive control.


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