Energy storage technology which is strong over the next ten years? -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-19
Energy cost and the energy storage requirements of the new energy costs include the cost of power generation, storage and transmission, unified computing, ability compared with traditional energy sources. In developed countries, in addition to new energy power generation, energy storage equipment and facilities for research and development, configuration, also is the important and huge market. New energy supply and demand at both ends of the peak time often don't match, for example, solar energy supply active during the day, but demand is not synchronous. As a result, the new energy power plants need equipped with powerful energy storage system. Analysis of new energy power generation part only, will have a great understanding deviation. Energy storage status from a global perspective, in the field of competitive energy storage technologies have a dozen. At least the next ten years, lithium battery or the dominant energy storage technology, more than 80% global market belongs to the lithium battery. As the market is huge, superposition of different application scenarios restrictions, other than the lithium battery energy storage research is still a lot. Relatively mature technology have pumped storage, compressed air energy storage, battery energy storage flywheel energy storage, liquid, etc. A diagram of compressed air energy storage ( 压缩空气能源储存) Sea silver capital invested in the compressed air energy storage technology, its impact on the environment requirements and are small. Lithium battery industry abroad relatively concentrated, the economic benefit is obvious. Recently, tesla announced in the Nevada desert to build super battery factory, at the same time, cell wall technology to provide complete family new energy solutions. Finally, tesla itself may be cell wall, form a & other; Great & throughout; Home energy storage system. Tesla motors used in the global energy industry new trend is to put the battery energy production, storage and use of all get through. In addition to home, small and medium-sized power plants and factories also has huge energy storage requirements. China's current situation and opportunity in the past few years, because of government support, China's solar energy development is superior to the rest of the world. China's solar power plant layout is very fast, but the energy storage technology is relatively backward. In the next few years, with peak gradually, solar power plant construction energy storage there will be a huge potential market. China, with the battery production country, but the lithium battery is not strong, the production of dispersion, the high cost. The development of China in the field of smart grid, dominated by large state-owned power grid, although the outlook is very good, but it is difficult to deeply involved in folk.
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