Electric cars trend: used as building battery and emergency power supply-Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-16
Use electric vehicles as a battery, and photovoltaic power generation system is necessary to provide electric power to homes and buildings, this move has begun. Use method, is used as emergency power supply, or used as a standby power during peak inhibition of peak power effect, etc. Even with photovoltaic power generation, if cannot store by electricity, can only give up spare parts. The surplus electricity is stored in the electric car battery, power consumption is larger in residential and office time, discharge from the parking lot to provide power, so that you can sell it in the suitable time or stored by electricity. Use method and the fixed set within the facilities & other; Housekeeping type battery & throughout; Is a little different, can increase its self-sufficiency rate of electricity. From the point of the relationship between the electric cars, and city, ensure each building has dozens of electric cars, and in the place such as underground parking lot parking to that of the building power system connection, if establish such a mechanism, can make electric cars in every area of the emergency power play a role. Even in peacetime, also can be used for building height of midsummer power demand, such as the backup power, in order to cut the peak power. At present, the company is committed to try to take advantage of this unique value electric cars. Cars drive in time outside also have equipment value, assuming the role of power the social infrastructure. From this point of view, the new operators participate in architecture and urban construction is an inevitable trend, so to speak. Today is not only in auto makers to put forward the concept of development, manufacture and sale of electric cars, and even housing construction and urban construction, the trend is clear. In the current advance of empirical test of the smart grid and smart city, has the electric car as a battery is used, through a combination of renewable energy, and strive to make the building regional power close to self-sufficiency measures have begun.
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