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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-16
As the electric car industry has been accepted by the society, now electric car ownership has up to 1. 400 million cars, with is equipped with the charger, it is very important to maintain good electric car charger, so, how to maintain? 1, the charger is composed of the transistor, integrated circuits, etc, therefore, the correct use of good charger, not only affect the reliability and service life of the charger itself, but also affects the service life of batteries. 2, when using the charger for battery charging, please plug in the output of the charger plug, after the input plug. When charging, the charger power light shows red, charge indicator is displayed in red. After full of charge indicator is green. Stop charging, please unplug the charger input plug, after the output of the charger plug. 3, generally, is harmful to the excessive discharge of battery and charging. Frequently and charging, therefore, not excessive discharge, normal manufacturer production in the right charger to ensure battery overcharge, the service life of the battery has a lot to do with the depth of discharge. Lead-acid batteries especially afraid of losing electricity put. Place 3 - deficient electric batteries 7 days, is likely to be permanently damaged. Therefore, after the battery, please charge as soon as possible. For does not use the battery for a long period of time, about every 15 days on a single battery charge. 4, the charger is in use process should be moistureproof and well protected against dampness, and placed in a well-ventilated place. The charger work with certain temperature rise, please pay attention to the heat dissipation, usually in 7 - charging time Eight hours. Depending on the state of the battery are different. Belong to the more sophisticated electronic equipment 5, chargers, therefore, in use must pay attention to the shock. Try not to carry, such as to carry, should be placed in the car after charging with good cushioning packaging tools in the box.
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