Easily solve the problem of internal short circuit of the battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-21

  When the battery has an internal short-circuit fault, the following phenomena will occur:


  a. The specific gravity of electrolyte is lower than that of ordinary batteries, and the open circuit voltage is also lower.


  b. When connected to the circuit, the voltage of the short-circuit battery drops rapidly. If it is connected to other ordinary batteries, the electrode plate of the short-circuit battery will display very deep, and the short-circuit battery The positive film will change from brown to brown, and the negative film will change from light gray to gray.


   When charging slowly or not charging, the electrolyte temperature is high;


   At this point, a different Ways to solve the cause of the short circuit:


   If the short circuit is caused by excessive deposits on the bottom of the battery, the battery should be fully discharged, and then the electrolyte should be poured out, washed repeatedly with pure water and Charging;


  b. If the short circuit is caused by the bending of the electrode plate, consider inserting the isolation plate into the place where the electrode plate is contacted;

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   If it is due to the displacement of the lead spring and the short circuit formed by the plate and the lead lining, you only need to correct the position of the spring.

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