Dynamic type lead-acid batteries season will be to order no obvious increase of the enterprise -Power Kingdom

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-26
According to the usual situation, mid to late June type power lead battery industry will gradually enter demand season, but this year the situation is different, many enterprises reflect, so far the power lead battery enterprise orders did not increase significantly. It is reported, this time last year, was shut down for a large number of lead battery enterprises in green check, lead battery market in short supply, since late June, there is some small manufacturer ex-factory price increase battery, in early July, companies also started to an increase in the price of the battery, or nearly 15%. But this year the situation is much less than last year, so far, only individual companies reflect battery orders in June than in May a bit better, most enterprises still no obvious change. This year, according to the enterprise reflects the terminal consumption is weak, so a lot of battery factory orders. Although some companies is still in production, but the battery finished product does not completely, sold within the enterprise has accumulated a lot of finished product inventory, while companies are looking forward to the dynamic type lead-acid batteries in the third quarter enterprises the arrival of the peak season to digest inventory, pull the enterprise starts, but so far has no obvious signs.
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