Domestic batteries show a rapid development trend

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-20
In recent years, the popularity of electric bicycles has brought another spring in the storage battery industry. The storage battery companies have achieved an average annual growth rate of 35%, which has also pushed the industry to a new milestone.  As the power source of electric vehicles, batteries are required to achieve the characteristics of low energy consumption, large energy storage, fast charging, long life, and low cost of electric vehicles. At present, there are not many companies that can meet the technical requirements of electric vehicle batteries, and they are concentrated in battery predators such as Chaowei and Tianneng.   It can be seen that the electric vehicle energy market has been monopolized by several major companies, and small and medium-sized enterprises lacking technical capabilities will face the crisis of reshuffling, which is not conducive to the virtuous circle of competition in the industry. At present, domestic electric vehicles are mainly concentrated on lead-acid batteries, but there are still many technical bottlenecks in lead-acid batteries, which require enterprises to overcome problems through technological innovation, and technological innovation is supported by high funds. Although the battery industry has followed With the development of electric vehicles, new growth points have emerged, but their growth rate is not as fast as many people have predicted.
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