Does temperature affect the capacity of lead-acid batteries?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-22
Label:  Generally speaking, as a finished lead-acid battery, its capacity has been determined when it leaves the factory, but in the course of use, the battery capacity will also be affected by the time and number of use. But does temperature really affect the capacity of lead-acid batteries? Let's analyze the relationship between lead-acid battery capacity and temperature: ``We assume that t1t2 is the temperature of the electrolyte, k is the temperature coefficient of the capacity, Ct1 is the capacity at t1, and Ct2 is the capacity at t2 (Ah ) In the battery production standard, the formula is:  Ct1u003dCt2/1+k(t1-t2). Generally, it is necessary to specify a temperature as the rated standard temperature. For example, it is specified that t1 is the actual temperature and t2 is the standard temperature. (generally 25 degrees Celsius) the negative plate is more sensitive to the influence of low temperature than the positive plate. When the electrolyte temperature decreases, the electrolyte viscosity Increased, the ions receive greater resistance, the diffusion ability decreases, and the electrolyte resistance also increases, which increases the resistance of the electrochemical reaction, and part of the lead sulfate cannot be converted normally. The charge acceptance ability decreases, resulting in a decrease in battery capacity.
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