Detailed instructions on how to use batteries safely

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-09

Detailed instructions on how to use the battery safely

1. Daily inspection

1. Liquid level

Below the rated liquid level, it will reduce the service life of the battery , And too little electrolyte will cause the battery to heat up and damage, so it is necessary to always pay attention to whether the electrolyte is sufficient.

2. Terminals, wires, cover

It is necessary to check the junction of the storage terminal and the connection with the wire for corrosion caused by oxidation, and check whether the cover is deformed or not. There is fever.

3. Appearance

The dirty surface layer of the battery will cause leakage, and it should be cleaned and kept dry at any time.

Two. Maintenance

1. Add water

Add distilled water according to the specified liquid level, without increasing the discharge time interval, add too much distilled water, electrolyte The discharge will overflow, causing leakage.

2. Battery charging

The battery will generate gas during the whole process of charging. It should keep the natural ventilation of the charging site without open flames, and the oxygen and acid gases generated during the charging process will affect the surroundings. Unplugging the charging plug during charging will cause an arc. Turn off the charger before unplugging the plug. After charging, a lot of hydrogen will stay around the battery. No open flame is allowed. The cover on the battery should be opened for charging.

3. Maintenance of terminals, wires, and covers

Only the professional technicians of the manufacturer can carry out the work.

4. Cleaning

If it is not too dirty, you can wipe it with a damp cloth. If it is very dirty, you need to remove the battery from the car and clean it with tap water to dry it.

3. Storage

1. Storage place

Cannot cause short-circuit failure;

The short-circuit caused by rain may cause fire and A small amount of hydrogen may be generated, so the battery must be stored in a ventilated, cool place.

2. Spent battery

The battery still has electromagnetic energy and should be stored according to the storage method.

4. The actual operation of the electrolyte

1. The percentage of inspection

When using a suction ratio meter to check the ratio, There is no need to let the electrolyte spill out and wear maintenance supplies.

2. Operations other than inspection

The opinions of technicians should be sought, especially when filling the electrolyte.

3. Electrolyte leakage

Due to the size and damage of the battery, the electrolyte leakage of the lithium battery should be urgently solved (causing an urgent problem to be solved)

5 .Practical operation of scrapped battery

1. Practical operation of scrapped battery

When the battery is nearing the end of its service life, the electrolyte in the single battery is cut quickly, and distilled water should be added every day.

2. Settling of waste batteries

For waste batteries, extract the electrolyte and dissolve the batteries. It is possible to discuss whether to recycle by the battery manufacturer.

VI. Emergency treatment

1. Electrolyte splashed on the skin

Rinse with plenty of water

2. Electrolyte splashed into the eyes

Take a bath with plenty of cold water, and then receive treatment from a specialist doctor.

3. Electrolyte splashes on clothes and pants

Before using weak alkaline soap, immediately take off clothes and wash with tap water.

4. Electrolyte leakage

When the electrolyte leaks to the outside, immediately mix with lime powder, strong sodium carbonate or sodium carbonate, and carry out a large amount of clean water.

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