Design scheme of constant voltage charger for lead-acid battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-21
Tags: Lead-acid battery constant voltage charger design plan Lead-acid battery constant voltage charging is often used in daily life. Let’s see how its charger is designed. The following is its design circuit diagram. The charger is mainly made of CW117, CW217 , Composed of CW317. . This circuit is the same as the basic circuit of a regulated power supply. Resistor R1u003d0.2Ω, which acts as a current limiter, which is equivalent to increasing the internal resistance of the charger, which can reduce the charging rate at the initial stage of charging and protect the integrated voltage regulator from overcurrent. Constant voltage charging refers to charging in which the voltage between the two poles of a lead-acid battery is maintained at a constant value. It is a widely used charging method. Floating and trickle charging of lead-acid batteries such as telecommunications equipment and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are constant voltage charging. The starting battery is also in an approximate constant voltage charging situation when the vehicle is running. Its advantage is that as the state of charge of the battery changes, the charging current is automatically adjusted. If the specified voltage is constant, it can not only ensure the full charge of the battery, but also minimize gassing and water loss.
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