Damage to the battery caused by frequent overcharging

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-10

  Frequent overcharging causes great damage to the battery. The charging process and overcharge protection are controlled by a new type of hybrid circuit with pulse width adjustment (PWM) to ensure smooth charging of the battery. The ideal final charging voltage of the battery decreases as the battery temperature increases. When the temperature rises to a certain level, a fixed final charging voltage will cause the battery to continue to overcharge, resulting in uncontrollable vaporization. Temperature tracking will reduce the final charging voltage when the temperature is high, and increase the final charging voltage when the temperature is low. The range of the battery temperature compensation coefficient is set at 5.0mV/℃.cell. The temperature tracking function with integrated sensing is activated during cycling and equalizing charging. For the protection of load safety, the final charging voltage will never exceed (28.8V for 24V system, 14.4V for 12V system) 28.8V (for example, equalizing charging at low temperature). You should first check whether the appearance of the battery is clear. Whether the electrolyte overflows too much to form a conductive layer. Then check the pile head and the wire for poor contact or poor grounding. The diagnosis method is: turn off the power switch, remove the negative wire of the battery, and scratch it on the pole. There is a short circuit inside the battery, which should be disassembled and repaired.

   When the battery is cycled, the thickness will increase with the increase in the number of cycles, but it will not increase after more than 50 cycles. The normal increase is 0.3~0.6mm, and the aluminum shell is more serious. , This phenomenon is caused by normal battery reaction. However, if the thickness of the shell is increased or the internal materials are reduced, the expansion phenomenon can be appropriately reduced.

   is composed of a lattice body made of a newly developed lead-calcium-tin alloy, a living substance with a good structure, a high-performance separator and an electrolyte. It has the characteristics of low self-discharge rate and up to 15 years of service life.

  1.3 High discharge rate discharge characteristics

  Use a new material of isolation board, used in batteries with low impedance Characteristic, it can provide high-rate discharge capability better than traditional water-added batteries.

  1.4 Economical design

   Adopt new raw materials and new design methods, no need to add water, no need to test sulfuric acid The specific gravity does not need to be charged equally. It is installed horizontally, which can reduce installation space by 40-50%, save 50% installation time and reduce maintenance manpower.

  1.6 used in combination

   horizontally installed single cell, each single cell is used in series , There is enough current to carry the capacity and strength of the overall battery pack to meet the individual needs of users.


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