Correct charging method for forklift battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-16

The correct method of charging the forklift battery:

The first charge of the forklift battery is called the initial charge. The initial charge has a great influence on the service life and charge capacity of the battery. If the charge is insufficient, the charge capacity of the battery will not be high and its service life will be short; if it is overcharged, the electrical performance of the battery will be good, but its service life will be shortened. Therefore, the new battery should be initially charged carefully. For ordinary batteries, the initial charge must be carried out according to the charging specifications before use. For dry-charged lead-acid batteries, according to the instructions for use, even if they need to be used within the specified two-year storage period, just add the electrolyte of the specified density and leave it for 15 minutes, and they can be put into use without charging. However, if the storage period exceeds two years, due to partial oxidation on the plate, in order to increase its charge capacity, supplementary charging should be carried out before use, and then used after charging for 5h-8h. The battery should be charged in an environment that is dry and bright, clean and dust-free, and the temperature is kept between 10~30℃, without all kinds of electrical appliances and natural fire.

For ordinary lead-acid batteries, the initial charge must be performed before the first use, and the charge current should be smaller. Because the new battery is in the storage process, part of the lead sulfate will be generated on the surface of the plate, which will cause the internal resistance of the battery to increase, and it is prone to overheating during charging. The initial charging of the battery with a small current can prevent the battery from overheating, and it can also make the chemical reaction penetrate deep into the electrode plate, which is beneficial to eliminate the vulcanization of the electrode plate. The method of initial charging: the battery is charged with (A) current for the initial charge, and when the average voltage of the single battery is reached, it is charged with (A) current.

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