Consumption tax on batteries and coatings is levied

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-24
In order to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, my country has included batteries and coatings in the scope of consumption tax collection since last month. The tax rate is 4% for production, commissioned processing and import. Beginning this month, the Municipal State Taxation Bureau began to accept tax declarations for battery and paint consumption taxpayers. According to relevant regulations, primary batteries and storage batteries are within the scope of levy, but some types of batteries are exempt from consumption tax, including mercury-free primary batteries, metal hydride nickel storage batteries (also known as “nickel hydrogen storage batteries” or “nickel hydrogen storage batteries”) , Lithium primary batteries, lithium ion batteries, solar cells, fuel cells and vanadium flow batteries. Exemption from consumption tax for coatings with a VOC content of less than 420 g/l (inclusive) under construction. In addition, the consumption tax on lead storage batteries will be deferred before December 31, 2015, and the consumption tax will be levied on lead storage batteries at a rate of 4% starting from January 1, 2016. As of March 12, the Municipal State Taxation Bureau has received tax declarations from more than 80 battery and paint companies. Although the total amount of tax revenue is not large, the policy will play a strong guiding role in promoting battery, paint and other related enterprises to adjust their product structure and develop in the direction of green and environmental protection. In order to do a good job in levying the consumption tax on batteries and coatings, the Municipal State Taxation Bureau timely released policy information in the Tax Service Department and the national tax website, and carried out the work of 'delivering policies to door' to strengthen policy publicity and guidance. At the same time, conduct basic corporate information verification, accurately define the list of taxpayers and product names that are included in the scope of consumption tax collection, and do a good job of exemption and filing for companies that are exempt from consumption tax, so that taxpayers can pay clear taxes and pay assured taxes.
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