Considerations for floating charging of lead-acid batteries in series

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-19
Tags: Floating charging of lead-acid batteries in series should be considered. In many cases, lead-acid batteries are not only used for single-cell power supply, but more are used in series. At this time, charging is the weakest link. During the use of UPS power supply, the general battery specification will state that the charging current should not exceed 0.15CC, which means that the lead-acid battery will take several times to recharge after the UPS is discharged at full load. This situation must be considered by everyone. In this sense, its availability is generally below 20%. But because the battery does not work continuously, as long as the utility power is restored before the battery is discharged, and there is no power outage during the recharging process, the load will still not be affected. From this point of view, the availability of lead-acid batteries is still very high in the case of short-term power outages. However, if the charger is damaged, the battery cannot be recharged after a single discharge, which will cause the load to be cut off in the next mains power outage. However, the charger only works when the battery needs to be charged. Therefore, if the status of the charger can be monitored in time, and the alarm will be notified in time when the charger is found to be abnormal, the problems caused by the charger failure can be avoided, thereby improving the overall lead-acid Battery availability.
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