Power Kingdom VRLA batteries include 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V, 12V and 24V, capacity from 0.8AH to 3000AH.

CNF series battery 2V & 12V,  65Ah~2000Ah

Applications: Energy storage system, such as solar/wind power projects and other renewable energy facilities.

Battery ModelNominal Voltage(V)Capacity (Ah)Dimensions±2%(mm)Weight ±5%(kg)Terminal TypeSpecification (PDF File)
Discharge 10hr rate 1.80V/cellLengthWidthHeightTotal Height
6-CNF-65126535016718018020.50 T12
6-CNF-1001210032817221722029.00 T12
6-CNF-1201212040717722222534.00 T13
6-CNF-2001220052223821822157.00 T13
6-CNF-2501225052026822022369.50 T13
CNF-200220017211132936613.00 T14
CNF-300230017115032936618.00 T14
CNF-400240021117632936625.50 T14
CNF-500250024117233036630.00 T14
CNF-600260030117533036637.00 T14
CNF-800280041017633036550.00 T14
CNF-10002100047517532936560.00 T14
CNF-15002150040035034138296.00 T14
CNF-200022000491351344382122.00 T14
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