Classification of batteries

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-14

Classification of batteries:

Lead-acid batteries

The commonly used car batteries are mainly divided into three types of ordinary batteries, dry-charge batteries and maintenance-free batteries.

Ordinary storage batteries The plates of ordinary storage batteries are made of lead and lead oxides, and the electrolysis solution is an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. Its main advantages are stable voltage and low price; its disadvantages are low specific energy (that is, the electric energy stored per kilogram of battery), short service life and routine maintenance.

The full name of dry-charged battery is dry-charged lead-acid battery. Its main feature is that the negative plate has a high power storage capacity. In a completely dry state, it can be stored within two years. When using electricity, you only need to add electrolyte and wait for 20-30 minutes before it can be used.

Maintenance-free storage battery Due to its structural advantages, the maintenance-free storage battery consumes very little electrolyte and basically does not need to be supplemented with distilled water during its service life. It also has the characteristics of shock resistance, high temperature resistance, small size, and small self-discharge. The service life is generally twice that of ordinary batteries. There are also two types of maintenance-free batteries on the market. The electrolyte is added once at the time of purchase and there is no need for maintenance (adding supplementary fluid) after use; the other is that the battery itself has been filled with electrolyte and sealed when it leaves the factory. No replenisher can be added.


Lead-acid battery products mainly include the following types, and their applications are distributed as follows

Starter batteries are mainly used in automobiles , Motorcycles, tractors, diesel engines and other starting and lighting;

Fixed batteries are mainly used in communications, power plants, and computer systems as backup power sources for protection and automatic control;

Traction type Batteries are mainly used for various power sources such as battery cars, forklifts, forklifts, etc.;

Railway batteries are mainly used for the power of railway diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, passenger car starting, and lighting;

Batteries for energy storage are mainly used for the storage of electric energy for power generation such as wind power and solar power.

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