China to lead the global solar global, nearly half of the incremental contribution to the growth Solar battery, power battery, battery in high-voltage switchgear

by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-31
The director of the international energy agency fatih ˙ birol said in London on October 4, solar photovoltaic power generation become the fastest-growing new energy for the first time in 2016. Mr Birol said this is a & other; Good news & throughout; 。 In the annual report in the report on the renewable energy market in 2017, Mr Birol said: & other; In evaluating all forms of fuel & ndash; — Oil, natural gas, coal and renewable energy sources and their significance in energy markets, the attention to renewable energy have good news for industry. ” Solar photovoltaic power generation capacity in 2016 increased by 50%, and its contribution to global growth, close to half. Birol said, solar new power generation capacity and even beyond the net growth of coal power generation capacity. On the issue of the China's renewable energy development, & other birol notes, Six in 10 solar panel block is a Chinese enterprise, reflects the Chinese play a key role in the field & throughout; 。 According to the report, due to the solar pv market vigorously promote, global renewable energy power generation of new power capacity in 2016 nearly 165 gw, accounts for about two-thirds of the global new power generation capacity. Report predicts that in the next few years, renewable energy will continue to maintain strong development momentum, predicts 2022, the global renewable energy power generation capacity will increase about 1000 gw, rose more than 43%. The international energy agency, points out that due to China for the control of air pollution and realize national & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; Planning to develop renewable energy development goals, the global renewable energy new installed capacity of more than 40% came from China. In the field of solar photovoltaic power generation, China has finished three years early in 2020, the original plan to achieve the goal. In addition to solar photovoltaic power generation, China is also the world's hydropower, biomass power generation and heating as well as the market leader in the electric vehicle. The German newspaper, website reported that on October 4, the international energy agency 4 renewable energy report released in London. Growth for the first time, according to a report last year, the global solar power generation capacity than other energy sources. On the contrary, the wind and hydropower slowdown. Renewable energy contribution in 2016 two-thirds of the total energy sector growth. Analyzes believed that solar energy mainly due to China's prosperity. About 60% of the global solar panels made in China, about half of buyers are from China. According to the report, renewable energy prices decline and the governments to provide favorable conditions to promote stronger growth of the renewable energy. Despite government trump political uncertainty, but the United States remains the world's second largest market of renewable energy growth. The international energy agency believes that renewable energy will continue to surge in the next five years. India will play an increasingly important role. The international energy agency experts estimate that India in the next five years renewable energy increment will be more than the European Union. It is predicted that by 2022 it is renewable energy power generation capacity is expected to double. German renewable energy growth at least in the next five years will remain stable. In terms of the eu, experts think renewable energy expansion speed will be slowed significantly. Report predicts that by 2022, the global green energy generating capacity will be increased by about a third, up to 8 trillion KWH, electricity consumption is equivalent to China, India and Germany combined.
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