Charging method of new car battery

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-22
Connect the positive pole of the battery to the positive pole of the power supply and the negative pole of the battery to the negative pole of the power supply.   The initial charging is carried out in two stages: first, the initial charging current is used to charge until the electrolyte releases bubbles, and the single cell voltage rises to 2.3~2.4V. Then reduce the current to 1/2 the initial charging current, and continue charging until the electrolyte releases violent bubbles, and the signature and voltage remain stable for 3 hours. The total charging time is about 45~65h. During the charging process, always measure the temperature of the electrolyte by halving the current, stopping charging or cooling, and control the temperature at 35~40℃. When the initial charging is completed, if the electrolyte's specific gravity is out of specification, use distilled water or electrolysis with a specific gravity of 1.4. Liquid to adjust. After adjustment, charge for 2h until the specific gravity meets the requirements.  The capacity of a new battery is often not reached after the first charge, and a discharge cycle should be carried out. Discharge with a discharge rate of 20hh (that is, discharge with 1/20 of the rated capacity until the single cell voltage drops to 1.75V), and then replenish the charging current enough. After a charge and discharge cycle, if the capacity is still lower than 90 of the rated capacity %, the charge and discharge cycle should be performed again.
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