Car battery maintenance is very important

by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-24
The summer is hot and rainy, and the car air conditioner is often overloaded. If the car often walks on some wading roads, the lower part of the air conditioner condenser will be contaminated with a lot of sand. In autumn, the air conditioner is best to use the in-vehicle circulation system, which can prevent autumn leaves from being caught in the air inlet of the air conditioner, and the air conditioner cannot achieve good results. It is best to replace the air-conditioning filter in the car at the end of summer to improve the comfort of the car. Ensure that the front windshield defrost function is normal. When the weather turns cool in autumn, hoarfrost will appear when the temperature is low. Pay special attention to whether the defrosting air outlet under the front windshield is normal. If there is a problem, solve it in time, otherwise the windshield defrosts Once there is a problem with the air outlet, it will bring a lot of trouble and unsafe factors to driving in winter.  Chassis rust removal and tire inspection  Autumn car chassis maintenance focuses on rust removal and tire inspection. On the one hand, the metal material of the chassis is prone to rust after exposure to the sun and rain, which affects driving safety. The chassis must be derusted. Battery maintenance is very important. After the fall, the electrode wiring of the car battery is the most prone to problems. If you find green oxides at the electrode wiring, you must wash it off with boiling water. These green oxides will cause insufficient power in the generator. The battery is in a state of loss of electricity, and in severe cases, the battery will be scrapped or the car cannot be driven.
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