Capacity calculation method of lead-acid battery for solar street lamp

by:Power Kingdom     2021-06-21
Tag: Solar street light suppliers should carefully consider when calculating the configuration. Because the wrong choice will cost very high. For example, the height of a 60W street lamp should be about 7 meters or less. We suggest that it is best to use 24V to facilitate the selection of constant current sources, but the cost is very high, and many suppliers will not choose. Therefore, two 12V lead-acid batteries are generally used in series. The battery of the same capacity is connected in series, the voltage increases, and the capacity remains the same. The batteries of different capacities are connected in series, the voltage is added, and the capacity is calculated as small (this method is not recommended, otherwise it will cause the small capacity battery to be overcharged and damaged prematurely. ). Now let’s calculate if a street light’s working time is 12 hours, and it is expected that there may be three days of non-cloudy and rainy weather, then our calculation is that the current of the street light is: 60/24u003d2.5A. The number of days needed to spare: 3+1 u003d 4 days. One of the days is the number of days that have been spent last night. Battery charging and discharging efficiency: 0.95 System charging and discharging efficiency (controller, circuit, etc.): 0.95 Battery capacity: 2.5*12*4/(0.95*0.95) u003d about 133ah, you can choose two 120ah in series. Of course, if you choose two 150ah, it is better.
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