Can scrap batteries be 'repaired and activated'?

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-15

Recently, I saw a news story: Electric vehicle batteries can operate for 30 kilometers more by changing the order of installation. From a technical professional point of view, it is undesirable, but many customers are still being deceived. Today, we have analyzed the 'fabricated' behaviors of related batteries circulating on the Internet, and hope that a large number of customers can learn the truth from this situation.

Rumor 1: The battery of the electric car does not run far because the battery lacks water? It is common to add liquid to the battery during the on-time maintenance of car and motorcycle batteries. This is because the car and motorcycle batteries are charged and lose water, so most of the batteries are filled with liquid for maintenance. As everyone knows, the battery of a pure electric vehicle is a lean-liquid, maintenance-free battery, and the battery is airtight. If the battery is properly used, there will be no less water in the entire life cycle. Some customers drain the battery during its lifetime. This will not only increase the number of battery cycles, but also make the electrolyte solution imbalance, reduce battery performance, and reduce the number of battery cycles.

Rumor 2: Can the battery switching sequence work again? In the specific maintenance work, customers often ask whether the electric car can not run far, can the order of the electric car battery be changed. In fact, the battery series are connected in series, and a single battery is working in the same order and placed arbitrarily. If the battery is dropped from any part, it will generally not work. If the battery is used for a long time, it is useless to replace it!

Rumor 3: Can the used battery be 'repaired and activated'? Some battery repair advertisements advertise and plan exaggeratedly, and many users believe in battery repair from beginning to end. Some users are very appreciative of the possibility of activation of battery maintenance, and expect maintenance providers to show this service item. In fact, this is also a difficult problem to repair the probability of agitation. When the long-term power supply system of the newly dismantled battery is terminated and the battery cannot be charged, you must try to repair it with a single-pulse battery charging method. However, all batteries that have been used normally for more than two or three years are obviously failing.

Here, users of pure electric vehicles are warned about the application and replacement of batteries, and they can learn about the methods in reliable technical and professional repair shops and after-sales repair service shops in the battery market. Don't listen to the misleading of those who are circulating on the Internet or lay people.

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