Battery will usher in a new growth point-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-27
At present, the energy storage battery in technology has made great breakthroughs, but the future technology development center of gravity is still, especially with the growing maturity of new energy industry. It is understood that the renewable energy electricity price of additional levy standard double, means that the state has increased support for renewable energy. The currently executing the renewable energy electricity price standards for the additional 4 mm/KWH, the National Development and Reform Commission energy research institute researcher Wang Si into previously measure renewable energy electricity price additional funds can collect 10 billion ~ 11 billion yuan a year. , according to the annual capacity of 4. 1413 trillion, China national energy bureau, according to data released earlier this year in November, before the whole social power consumption 4. 2835 trillion KWH. Renewable energy subsidies demand has more than 2010 12 billion yuan, and certainly not be enough money this year, so it is necessary to improve the renewable energy electricity price additional levy standard. At present, the domestic sales of battery is still concentrated in the field of traditional battery, new energy storage batteries and electric vehicle power battery sales is still difficult to high tide, the new energy industry is the main driving process is slow, difficult to form a scale. And the good of the renewable energy could scale, thereby giving impetus to the development of energy storage battery. The creation of interim measures, not only to promote the application of renewable energy, and will drive the rapid growth of the battery industry. At present, all kinds of good renewable energy will bring rapid growth of the energy storage requirements, the battery will also usher in a new growth point.
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