Battery reminds you: safe charging Shangrao battery factory

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-19

  Before charging the battery, please be sure to refer to the instruction manual of the charger you are using. In addition to following the operating instructions of the charger manufacturer, the following precautions must be observed:

   must wear suitable eye, Face and hand protection equipment.

   must be charged in a well-ventilated place.

   Before connecting the cable to the battery, turn the charger and timer to OFF to avoid dangerous sparks during the connection.

   Do not charge a battery that is obviously damaged or frozen.

   When connecting the charger to the Changguang battery: connect the red positive electrode (+) to the positive terminal (+), and the black negative terminal (—) to the negative terminal (-). If the battery is still installed in the car, please connect the negative pole to the engine block as a ground wire. And make sure to turn off the ignition device and all electrical accessories. (If the car has a positive ground wire, please connect the positive pole to the engine block).

   Make sure that the charger connected to the battery has no signs of damage, wear, or looseness.

  Set a timer, turn on the charger, and slowly increase the charging rate until it reaches the ampere value you need.

   If the battery heats up, or produces strong gas, or sprays electrolyte, please reduce the charging rate or temporarily turn off the charger.

  Before removing the cable, be sure to turn the charger OFF to prevent dangerous sparks.

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