Battery product features

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

  Professional production of lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, deep-cycle batteries, front-terminal batteries and other types of batteries for 20 years


  Dongguan battery characteristics

   does not require maintenance. The battery does not need watering and watering during use.


   has high reliability, long service life, special sealing structure and flame-retardant shell, which will not cause leakage of electrolyte defects during use, let alone fire.


   weight, volumetric specific energy, small internal resistance, high output power.


   at 20℃, the self-discharge rate is lower than 2% per month.


   is fully charged and shipped without electrolyte Mobility, safe transportation.


   can be used in any direction.


   standard series batteries (-40℃~50℃) and high temperature series (-40℃~70℃).


   does not require equalization charging. Due to the consistency of internal resistance, capacity, and floating charging voltage, it is ensured that the battery is in use without equalization charging.


   has good recovery performance, the battery is over-discharged to zero volts, short-circuited for 30 days, it can still be charged to restore its capacity.


  The copper terminal is firm, the installation and connection are convenient, and the conductivity is strong.


   Computer-aided design and computer control of the main production process to ensure the consistency of product performance and meet the design standards


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