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by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-11

  Wenzhou Battery Factory

  Battery parameter setting management:

   floating charging voltage: 2.23-2.25V/single (25℃)

  24V system: 26.76-27.0V 48V system: 53.52-54.0V

   Floating charging voltage temperature compensation coefficient:- 3.0mV/℃ (reference temperature is 25℃)

  Uniform charging voltage: 2.35V/cell (25℃)

  24V system: 28.2V48V system: 56.4V

   constant charge voltage temperature compensation coefficient: -5.0mV/℃(reference temperature is 25℃)

  Average charging frequency: 6 months/time (180 days)-special circumstances

  Average filling time: 12 hours, average current limit : 0.1-0.25C10.

  High voltage alarm: 24V system: 28.5V48V system: 57V

   Low voltage alarm: 24V system: 23.4V48V system: 47V

   Switching voltage: 24V system: 22.2V 48V system: no setting (depending on the situation)

   unified floating mortgage conversion Standard:

   1. The ratio of charge and discharge capacity to capacity is 95%/2, the discharge time is greater than 30 minutes, the discharge voltage is less than 49V, and the discharge voltage is less than 49V.

  Floating charging standard: 1. Steady current and equalizing charging time: 180min; Steady current and equalizing charging current: ≤006C10/group daily maintenance and management

  Monthly check the battery: single battery floating voltage, total battery voltage and load current; battery appearance; battery rod and safety valve leakage or acid fog; battery ambient temperature and environmental conditions.

  -Required equipment: digital multimeter, clamp ammeter, thermometer.

  Note: If conditions permit, the internal resistance of the battery can be measured with the required internal resistance meter: the internal resistance meter is checked every six months:

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   Tighten the connecting screws and charge for 12 hours.

  Required equipment: wrench (or set of brass wrenches)

  Battery check once a year:

   has conducted a 30-40% C10 nuclear discharge test on the battery pack.

  GB/T1497-1988 Feeder busbar, cable and connector voltage drop measurement method

  -Required equipment: Digital multimeter, clamp meter, thermometer, dummy load, cable, etc.

  Inspect items every three years:

   The battery pack has been subjected to a discharge test of 80% C10 capacity. Contact: Power Kingdom


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