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by:Power Kingdom     2020-08-12
A. Keep the battery clean, dry spilled electrolyte, and in a timely manner from the dirt and dust, etc. ; Pile and clamp head to keep clean and good contact, and apply vaseline or butter, prevent oxidation; Vent on the battery cover to keep open, prevent dirt jam. b。 Found insufficient battery to save electricity, sufficient electric battery, and then start the engine. Forbidden to save electricity shortage of storage battery and full charge battery in parallel to mix, such not only affect battery life, and is not conducive to the engine starting. C。 Prevent short circuit, to prevent damage to the battery. When disassembling battery, want to avoid the conduction of tool such as object on the battery, prevent short circuit; Pay attention to the lines incomplete, don't put the wire head and build, in order to avoid short circuit; For broken wire wrapped in insulated in a timely manner. d。 Regularly check the battery electrolyte level, keep it in the range of labeling regulation on battery shell, avoid due to insufficient amount of electrolyte and affect the service life of the battery. Inspection period normally control in: check once every half a month in winter, summer check once a week. When found insufficient liquid level, should add distilled water in a timely manner. Here to be sure: when found inadequate electrolyte, attention should be paid to distinguish for battery case damaged or electrolyte leakage caused by the other, or normal wear and tear, in order to take appropriate measures. e. Keep battery saving electricity is enough, but not often over charge. In general, can according to the volume of the speaker, the brightness of the light to estimate to save electricity, you can also use the electrolyte density calculation or check the battery to save electricity situation, with discharge fork found insufficient power to charge in a timely manner. If the battery is in a state of loss of electricity for a long time, easy cause oxidative plate, shorten the service life of the battery. f。 Battery when not on the shelf, avoid by all means directly on the ground. Prior to storage battery outside clean, added electrolyte, adequate electricity, tighten the screw. After every 1 month for a supplementary charge, once every half month to check the electrolyte level, when added immediately. If it is stored in winter, attention should be paid to prevent frostbite. To have enough oil pressure start fuel supply. Cant stop for the wear and tear of leakage at the same time, make the plunger position before the expiration of the oil supply fuel cut-off. Therefore, the wear of the plunger matching parts after effective delivery schedule will be shorter than normal.
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