Battery installation process operation time-Shenzhen Power Kingdom Co., Ltd.

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-28
If a battery during transportation, storage and installation time is very long will lose a certain capacity. Charging equipment parameters, according to the parameter of storage battery for adjusted correctly, must ensure that float charging pressure, are charging pressure within the scope of the qualified, ensure normal float charging battery operation, not overcharge and over discharge. Parameter setting, if no special need, don't change it. Because of single battery capacity is not only need to change, can change all at once only, not only the performance index is not enough to separate battery replacement, otherwise it will affect the whole battery for battery internal resistance of the imbalance of the play, shorten the service life of the battery for the whole. In order to ensure the enough capacity battery, every year to restore a capacity test, cell activation material activation, recovery capacity of the battery. The main method is to battery from charging machine, adjustable on both ends of the battery pack and load, make the discharge current of the battery pack to the rated capacity of 0. 1 times, once every half an hour to record the battery voltage, until the battery voltage drops to 1. 8 v/or only 10. After 8 v/only stop discharge, and record the battery operation time.
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