Battery-initiated carbon fixation strategy

by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-17

  Battery-Activated Carbon Storage Strategy; Scientists studying lithium-air batteries have discovered a unique method to capture and store carbon dioxide and keep it away from the atmosphere. Researchers use the design of lithium batteries to develop a method to separate solid carbon dioxide and gaseous carbon dioxide, and may use the same method to separate oxygen.


   Researchers in Japan and China have developed a method to separate solid carbon dioxide and gaseous carbon dioxide, using a lithium-carbon dioxide battery design, and possibly separating oxygen in the same way.


   Since carbon dioxide has a great influence on the greenhouse effect and global warming, it is the best way to convert carbon dioxide emissions into other carbon compounds. From the natural process, the process of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and sugar, to the artificial process, such as injecting carbon dioxide into rock formations and being captured as carbonate minerals.


   The problem with most physical and chemical ways to fix carbon dioxide is that their products are gases and liquids that need to be further liquefied or compressed, which inevitably leads to more Energy consumption and more carbon dioxide emissions. We are researching an electrochemical strategy for carbon dioxide fixation to produce solid carbon products. Lithium-carbon dioxide batteries can even provide the energy required for this process. \


   Researchers tried to add a fixed carbon strategy when charging prototype lithium batteries. Unlike lithium ions and carbon dioxide that are completely regenerated during discharge, such as reversible lithium-carbon dioxide batteries, lithium carbonate decomposes to produce extra carbon, allowing the unseparated oxygen gas to quickly react with the battery's electrolyte. This accumulation generally leads to physical degradation of the battery and shortens the functional life of the battery. However, the deposition of solid carbon has its unique advantages, indicating that carbon fixation will become a stable and easy-to-operate method. Contact: 18038382979

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