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by:Power Kingdom     2021-04-29
The quality of the communication backup battery is an important guarantee for the uninterrupted power supply of the communication network, and it is the last line of defense for the entire communication power supply equipment to ensure the normal operation of the communication network. According to battery characteristics and maintenance requirements, battery discharge capacity testing is essential. This article discusses the pros and cons of the two current battery discharge capacity testing technologies, and provides an innovative, all-on-line battery discharge safety and energy saving technology, which is a useful exploration for solving the potential safety hazards of battery discharge testing in the industry for decades. 1. Current battery discharge technology analysis 1.1 Off-line discharge method technology analysis (1) After one group of batteries is separated from the system, once the mains is interrupted, the system backup battery power supply time is significantly shortened, not to mention whether the other group of online batteries is not clear at this time There are quality problems, and this discharge method has a high risk of accidents. If you want to use this method to discharge, it is recommended to enable the engine set in advance, and ensure that the generator set, switching power supply and other equipment can operate normally to ensure safety;    (2) There is a large voltage difference between the battery pack after offline discharge and the online battery pack. Improper operation will cause the switching power supply and the online battery pack to charge a large current to the offline discharged battery pack, resulting in huge sparks, which is prone to safety accidents. Discharging in this way requires a whole set of smart chargers. The offline battery pack is first charged and restored and then connected back to the system in parallel to solve the problem of sparking. This will make the system stay in a single set of power supply for a longer time and risk of accidents high. The output of the rectifier is adjusted to be equal to the voltage of the discharged battery pack and then the connection is restored. The above operations must be operated carefully;    (3) This discharge method must be separated from the positive pole of the battery pack and the negative pole of the battery pack, especially when it is separated from the negative pole of the battery pack, special care must be taken. System power supply is interrupted, leading to communication accidents;    (4) This method is to consume the battery in the form of heat through a dummy load, waste electrical energy, affect the operating environment of the equipment room, and require maintenance personnel to guard at all times to avoid accidents caused by high temperature.  1.2 On-line evaluation type discharge method technical analysis  (1) Adjust the rectifier output voltage to the protection low voltage value (such as 46V), so that all the backup battery packs directly discharge the actual load to the rectifier output voltage protection setting value. Since most of the batteries in the existing network system equipment are equipped with a backup power supply time of 1 to 4 hours, and the discharge current is large, the voltage drop of the battery pack to the equipment power supply loop and the equipment low-voltage operating threshold should be considered, and the system power supply safety should be guaranteed. The output voltage of the rectifier is not allowed to be too low (such as 46V), the depth of discharge is limited, it is difficult to grasp the discharge time of the actual load, it is difficult to accurately evaluate the battery capacity, and there are uncertain factors in the battery performance test, so as to maintain the activity of the battery pack. The purpose of the discharge test is difficult to achieve the expected results of maintenance;    (2) If the two sets of batteries have quality problems such as loss of capacity, undercapacity, and backwardness, when they are discharged to the rectifier output protection value, it is not easy to be discovered by maintenance personnel in time. There may be little remaining battery capacity and there is a high risk. In this case, this discharge method is less safe than the offline discharge method;   (3) Due to the limited depth of discharge, the purpose of the discharge test to maintain the battery pack’s activity cannot be achieved, and the more important thing is to discharge at full capacity. In practice, we often find that some battery packs behave normally in the early stage of discharge, but in the middle and late stages, some backward batteries begin to be gradually exposed. This part lags behind the single cell, because the depth of the discharge method is not enough to be found. Therefore, we call this discharge method an online evaluation method, which can only roughly evaluate the performance of the battery pack, or detect the length of time the battery pack can be discharged to this protection voltage, and cannot further check how long it can be discharged other than this time; (4) The battery discharge current is not balanced between groups. Each battery pack will naturally share the load current of the system according to its own situation. The backward battery pack has large internal resistance and small current sharing. However, healthy battery packs have low internal resistance and large current sharing, causing some backward batteries to have insufficient discharge current. A phenomenon that is too large to be exposed does not meet our purpose of conducting discharge performance quality testing. In summary, under the requirement that the battery in the central computer room must be regularly tested for capacity, the current two capacity test methods have their own characteristics and disadvantages. Although the offline discharge method can achieve the purpose of battery capacity testing, the workload is too large. , The system safety is low, and although the workload of the online evaluation type discharge method is relatively small, the system safety is low, and the purpose of battery capacity test is not achieved, and the potential safety hazard is large. Therefore, the current battery capacity test method must be reformed, and a new and scientific capacity test technology-full online discharge technology will now be introduced, so that the battery discharge capacity test can achieve the expected maintenance quality inspection effect, and the battery discharge maintenance operation is simple and safe. , Which improves the efficiency of maintenance work and is easy to be effectively implemented.  
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