Battery charged installation and matters needing attention Lead-acid battery _ colloidal battery _ _ solar battery and maintenance-free battery

by:Power Kingdom     2020-03-24
Newly installed batteries, some of the pressure difference is bigger, affect use? Floating newly installed batteries, after a certain time after the operation, will be even float charging voltage, because just using sulfate saturation is higher, gas recombination efficiency is poor, run after saturation drops slightly, battery float charging voltage will be uniform. In long-term floating operation, the battery voltage uneven what reason is there? Currently exist in VRLA battery float charging pressure uneven phenomenon, this is the production of battery components and materials used in each link of quality, quantity, and the content of error accumulation, especially in VRLA battery used the barren solution type design, error will affect the battery internal sulfate saturation, this directly affects the battery floating oxygen recombination, thus make the floating when the overpotential of different batteries, battery float charging voltage is different. But after a certain time after floating operation of VRLA battery, float charging pressure will tend to be more uniform. The battery because of the high sulfate saturation oxygen compound efficiency is poor, the saturation decline slightly, floating voltage will tend to be more uniform. The battery in series connection bar pressure drop; A column and connection of poor contact; New battery in run 3 ~ 6 months could exist for uneven phenomenon. Floating battery run time, behind the battery how to judge? Behind the low voltage of the battery during discharge, so the battery should be left behind in discharge measurement, if the bus voltages in the three consecutive discharging cycle measurement is the lowest, can be jailed for behind the battery in this group, there is behind the battery equalization charging the battery pack. Batteries, for example, in a floating state, if the float charging down to 2. Attention must be paid to the 16 v.
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