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by:Power Kingdom     2021-07-13

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  Battery assembly technology describes in detail the factors affecting battery life. I also mentioned several reasons for the limited battery life. Battery life is a good battery performance. We can learn more about the issues that may affect battery life. This allows you to more fully maintain your battery and make your battery more'longevity'. In view of the premature decay of the charging performance of some electric bicycles and the decrease in the capacity of lead-free batteries, the electric bicycle mileage is reduced.

  1. Charger functions and failures

   From the survey results of some users, the use of non-dedicated chargers and A faulty charger leads to poor charging performance to a certain extent.

  The battery of the electric bicycle must use a special charger. Because it has functions such as stable current, voltage stabilization, pulse, short-circuit protection and working status indication. The charging voltage and current can be automatically adjusted, the electrochemical energy conversion efficiency is high, and the charging time is short. The special charger for electric bicycles also has the function of series complementary balance, because when charging in series, the voltage value of each battery will be different, and it will increase with the increase of the number of charging, there are rotating poles and leakage. Using complementary balanced series charging, the battery cannot be overcharged or overcharged, and the voltage difference is less than 0.1V. Therefore, using a special charger for electric bicycles is one of the prerequisites for improving battery life.

   We know that the faults of the charger include pre-display, error display, and capacitor rupture. These failures can also lead to battery overcharging, undercharging, water shortage, and tablet acidification, resulting in poor battery charging and shortened battery life.

  二. Ambient temperature change

   The change of ambient temperature has a great influence on the charging and discharging characteristics of the battery. Under a normal temperature difference, the mileage of an electric bicycle will change with changes in temperature. However, if the temperature is too high or the temperature is too low, the active material of the board will fall off, the board will be deformed and corroded, and the battery life will be shortened.

  3. Battery charging operation and use

   The charging operation that improves the battery life should not be overcharged, undercharged, Fully charged and completely discharged. Due to overcharge, undercharge and irregular discharge, the battery will be in an unstable state. Frequent heavy load and overload will damage the battery discharge current. Therefore, users should strictly follow the requirements for the correct use of electric bicycles. Contact: 18038382979


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